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Cocaine and Caviar – not all whizz bang!

Many moons ago, this very good friend of mine went to one of those racey parties that I can only dream about, or perhaps read about in a tabloid. During the evening, a young lady offered him some coke, of the type that does not come in a can. Not wanting to appear a nerd, he gave it  ago and sat back and waited for something sensational to happen.

Of course, nothing much did happen. Sensing his disappointment, the young lady helpfully said “It gets better the more you take.” Luckily my friend thought that this sounded a rather bad philosophy and left it at that.

What has this got to do with caviar, I hear you ask. Well, there is a tendency for a first time user to approach caviar in a similar way. With the cost and the hype around it, it seems logical that eating caviar is going to blow your socks off in some magical way. Of course, it does not and first impressions can leave people wondering what all the fuss is about. It is only when more is taken without the hype that the true glory of good caviar shines through.

Take my wife as an example. When I first got involved with caviar, she was pretty non-plussed and could not see what all the fuss was about. With regular tastings, and the odd dip into the stocks, I guess that we eat more caviar than most without making a big fuss about it. Nowadays, I cant leave any in the kitchen fridge without putting  a lock on it. Even then, she will crowbar it open and eat it straight from the tin. She now loves it for what it is – delicious!

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