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What does Caviar taste like?

Recently, I was talking to one of our customers who actually said that she had read my blogs and thought they were rather good. Not sure to believe her or not, but I got so excited I thought that I had better write another one!

“What does Caviar taste like?” – a simple question that we get asked from time to time. It could deserve a simple answer – “Like Caviar” but that would not be awfully helpful! Helpful or not, it is rather true. Hard as we try to come up with taste similes, it is difficult to pin the taste down accurately. We might talk of it being buttery, nutty, creamy or minerally, but really we are just struggling to find a way of expressing our pleasure that might have meaning to somebody else.

Caviar should just taste of caviar. It is rather like fine wine in so much that different people can take different flavours from the same wine. Some flavours will appeal to some people more than others. Hence one reason why we offer a range of caviars.

It is easier to talk about what caviar should not taste of. It shouldnt taste of fish or overly of salt. If the latter, it is either over salted or it has not had enough time to age. One of the problems of farming sturgeon is that they can store the flavours of their environment in the caviar. If the water quality is not good, you can end up with some pretty ropey caviar. It should not taste of mud, nor should it taste of ammonia. The latter can result from farms where the water is recirculated and subjected to chemical treatment.

These taste nuances can be hard to detect unless tasting several different caviars. The flavours can be enhanced if the caviar is allowed to “breath” before eating. This can make good caviar better, and poor caviar worse. I once tasted a Beluga that was soft and slightly chemically at lunchtime. By evening, it was like eating shower gel.

Like I said, “What does Caviar taste like?” – a simple question…………..

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