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Where to eat Caviar

A little while ago, I was asked to write a piece for  a yacht charter company. They got quite insistent so I did manage to get round to it and duly sent it across the water to the US of A. I thought it was rather good. I dont know what they thought of it as they never even thanked me, let alone commented. On the basis of “waste not, want not” here it is in all is glory:

“Now, I am not known to be a fusspot, and certainly not as to when and where I eat caviar. I must confess to never having partaken in the bath, but I have never refused caviar on the basis of “wrong location” or indeed “wrong time”. Is there a wrong time for caviar? I don’t think so. It is delicious for breakfast, ideal for dinner and perfect at all times in between. I can assure you that it is also a delight as a late night snack, even better when shared!

I cant immediately think of somewhere where caviar would not be acceptable, but some locations are perhaps even better than others. Last summer, I was fortunate enough to be invited to join rather a nice little boat down in the Med. Being a decent chap, and thinking that it may be desirable to return next year, I naturally took a sizeable tin of our Oscietra.

We had it for lunch on the second day of our trip. We were moored in one of those rocky bays so typical of the Italian islands. Sparkling blue sea, khaki, baking rocks, interspersed with patches of golden sand. The mini beaches too small to attract any development, but just big enough to accommodate sea-borne visitors. Idyllic.

We ate on deck, shaded from the early afternoon sun. The heat mercifully diverted from the diners, the ice and the vodka. Was it the setting that seemed to make the Oscietra taste even better than normal? Or was it something else? Could it be that the salty, sea air helped to accentuate the whole experience? There is probably some Food Scientist out there somewhere who could give me a long complicated answer. Or perhaps just tell me not to be so silly and it was all because I was having such a good time already. Whatever the reason, it is certainly worth repeating!

Here at Caspian Caviar, a good part of our summer business involves sending caviar to yachts in the Med, or elsewhere in Europe. It is challenging as we do need to ensure that the caviar arrives in port at the same time as the yacht – there is little room for error but we have yet to fail. Ideally, we like to deliver to a port in mainland Europe, which we can normally do within 48 hours. Islands can be a little trickier as couriers do not fly into many islands and a ferry crossing may be required, which can add an extra day.

So when you are chartering your yacht  for next summer, do bear in mind the joys of eating caviar on the water. Do drop us a line in good time and we will ensure that your caviar is there when you need it.”

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