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Recently, I had a lovely query from a customer asking for advice on how he should prepare for a romantic caviar picnic with his wife in order to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. As this may not be the only romantic picnic planned this summer, I thought that I would share my advice:

As for the caviar, trying a selection is always fun and informative as it gives you a chance to identify the differences. However, this does not seem very relevant to an anniversary and could complicate the logistics in  a picnic scenario. Therefore, I would go for quantity over quality. Much more fun to have lots, and chasing the last eggs around a very small tin is hardly the height of romance!

One thing to be aware of is that contact with metal (the tins are plastic coated) ruins the taste of caviar, so do take some non-metal spoons. The little Mother of Pearl ones on our site are ideal. But don’t forget to take something to open the caviar tin! A normal teaspoon is usually suitable for twisting the lid off.

Caviar is traditionally served with blinis (Russian style buckwheat pancakes), finely chopped onion, sour cream and chopped egg. Some people prefer a crunchy alternative to blinis, which can be a bit stodgy. Thin French toasts can be bought. We sell the Peters Yard Crispbread. I am very happy with Carrs Water biscuits. Any of these three would be good in a picnic, as blinis tend to need heating before serving.

Raw onion might not be ideal for a romantic picnic. You could use the milder chopped chives or the green from spring onions. Quails eggs are ideal for picnics. They can be eaten on their own, chopped to go with the caviar, or halved and the caviar served on top.

The combination of caviar/cream/onion/egg is down to personal choice. I normally find that I vary it depending on what I feel like at that particular moment in time.

As to what to drink, the usual bed fellows are either iced vodka or champagne. I prefer the former but the latter may well be better suited to a romantic summer picnic.

Good luck!

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