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We do sometimes discuss with customers what is the best medium on which to serve caviar: blinis or toast? Some find blinis rather on the soggy side of life and prefer the crunch of toast. We associate blinis with Russia, but many of the Russians that I speak to always take their caviar on toast.

However, perhaps the question is not as simple as merely blinis v. toast. After all, there are many types of bread and many types of toast. I often see caviar being served with “French Toast” or “Melba Toast”. Both look delicate and do a good job in delivering the Oscietra to the taste buds with the required crunch, but perhaps dont bring much else to the party.

The other day, I had rather a good variation on the theme. Try a bread with a bit of chewiness, such as a soda bread. Toast it in a way that preserves the moisture in the centre and hence the chewiness. I like to drop it straight onto the Aga hob for a couple of minutes. I find an electric toaster can dessicate the slice. Dont be shy with the butter and make sure that you have a really good dollop of caviar.

The flavour of the caviar somehow gets involved in the chewy bit of the toast so magnifying and extending the pleasure. It really is a revelation. It should not come as a great surprise as it is the same theory as serving Jamon with slices of day old French stick type bread, as you will find in the bars of Seville.


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