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July Caviar Tasting No1

Tough job I know, but people do keep sending us caviar to taste. We welcome it as we do like to see what is on the market to ensure that our range is up to scratch. If we come across a caviar which is better than we stock and is offered at a sensible price, then we will change supplier just so long as they dont demand a minimum order of 100kg!

So first up this month was a Sevruga caviar from Iran. As I keep saying, good Servruga is very hard to find as few people bother farming this small sturgeon and it is difficult to achieve good quality caviar. This example looked good – small, grey eggs. It was soft as one would expect but there was still some egg definition in the mouth. It had a good, but not great, flavour.

All in all a good caviar but not as good as the Sevruga caviar that we source from Italy every Christmas and a bit pricey. The Iranians tend to think that they can charge a premium due to the historic reputation of Iranian caviar, which I would need to emphasise in order to justify the cost to you, my customers. However, Uncle Sam does not much like trade with Iran and can get shirty with US companies facilitating such trade. What has that got to do with Caspian Caviar? Only PayPal & Amex!

Think we will decline the offer.

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