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July Caviar Tasting No2

The second caviar that we have tasted this month was a Baerii caviar from France. Baerii is better known as Siberian Sturgeon and it is still found in the rivers of Siberia. However, it has become the staple of the caviar farming industry as it matures relatively quickly and can produce very good caviar.

Typically, it is a dark caviar with medium sized eggs and a good flavour at the front of the mouth, but with little lingering flavour at the back. Some examples can be rather bland.

How was this example? In short, very good. The egg size was good, as was the egg definition. The taste was clean and full of flavour. The eggs were quite soft, but certainly not mush, so would provide a nice variety in our range as most of our caviars are quite firm.

Will we stock it? Wait and see……..

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