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Offers for Russia


Its coming home, its coming home, Sibirskye’s coming home!

I dont suppose that you thought for one moment that I could pass up the opportunity to link that rather exciting kick about in Russia with an offer for some caviar. Our Sibirskye would seem the ideal candidate as it is produced by the Siberian Sturgeon. “Sibirskye” is Russian for Siberian – cant get much more Russian than that!

But then again, Oscietra caviar comes from the Gueldenstaedtii sturgeon. As most people cant pronounce it, it also goes by the name Russian sturgeon, so that qualifies it too!

Two very good caviars from a farm in northern Italy. Both are firm with medium sized eggs. The Sibirskye has won awards in Switzerland and the Oscietra is a firm favourite in the office and with customers.

Might as well have some with vodka as well! Offers will run until Sunday.


Angus and the Team at Caspian

0845 606 8868

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