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Our main sample this month was a Sevruga caviar all the way from Iran. It was good but not great. The small grey eggs certainly looked the part and it was soft but the taste was not overwhelming. We felt that it was not as good as the Italian Sevruga caviar that we normally stock over the Christmas period and the cost is considerably greater, so we plan to continue with our normal supply.

It did serve to remind us of the impending US sanctions on Iran. “What have US sanctions got to do with a UK caviar supplier?” you may well ask. The problem arises with our payment providers, some of which are US based. They wont deal with us if we are selling products from Iran.

Therefore, we cant stock Iranian caviar, or at least we cant market it as Iranian so cant demand the price premium that Iranian producers seem to think that they can charge.

Interestingly, we have just been offered some Iranian Beluga at about a third of the price at which it was offered in the spring due to the impending sanctions. Not much use though if we cant sell it! The long reach of Uncle Sam………..

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