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Caviar Information


Caviar is simply the roe of sturgeon that is lightly salted and cured. Traditionally served on blinis topped with crème fraiche or sour cream, caviar is a wonderfully versatile food that can enhance and compliment a wide variety of dishes. Chopped egg and finely chopped onion are other usual accompaniments, but do try it on its own to really appreciate its flavour.

You often see the Russian term “Malossol” being used to describe caviar. It translates to “little salt” referring to the traditional Caviar production process where only a small amount of salt is added to best enhance the flavour and preserve the caviar. We don’t use the term as it is rather outdated. It originates from the 19th century and the introduction of refrigerated transport. Before that, caviar was heavily salted before being shipped to Europe and it was said to be an acquired taste. Now all caviar is lightly salted at about 4-4.5%

Caviar Storage & Shelf Life

We store our caviar at around -2C to ensure that it remains in perfect condition. It does not freeze due to the salt content. Once you receive your caviar, store it in the coldest part of your refrigerator until ready to open and serve. That is at the back of the fridge. Do not be tempted to store it in the fridge door where it will be exposed to the maximum temperature change. Best not to store it too long in a domestic fridge. It wont go “off” but it can go a little “flat” and not be as good as it should be.

Serving Caviar

The world’s most precious delicacy deserves equally unique serving pieces. Serve caviar in a caviar dish, along with mother of pearl utensils to elevate the overall experience. The caviar will sit on crushed ice so maintaining a perfect temperature. It won’t go “off” at room temperature. It simply tastes better when chilled. Traditionally, caviar has been best served using instruments crafted from bone, horn or shell, as serving pieces made of metal often cause a reaction with the caviar, imparting a metallic flavour and tarnishing the caviar experience.

Caviar Canapés:
Allow 5g per canape. It is an awful crime to serve too little as the caviar experience is missed.

Dining first course:
30g – 50g per person. Essentially, more the merrier.

Caviar Gifts

Caviar makes a wonderful “Thank You” gift. We suggest 125g, as a perfect gift size, and a gracious quantity for 1 to 2, while still appropriate for 4. Alternatively, why not send one of our unique Gift Sets. Delicious caviar perfectly presented along with a stylish gift card.


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