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Glorious Caviar Offers for August

The heather is in bloom already and soon the Chosen Ones will be heading north on the great August migration. To help your August to be Glorious, we have put our Beluga on offer – what could be better in the Lodge, or what could make a better “Thank you”?

In case you havent tried it, we have also put our Caspian Gold on offer, for no better reason than it begins with G:- Glorious Gold. It is from a hybrid sturgeon and come all the way from China. It looks and tastes great.

As we have a new picture above, with our little mermaids serving up some caviar and some keta , I thought we would put the 250g keta on offer as well so you too can try them both together.

The offers will run until the Glorious 12th August.

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