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October Caviar Tasting

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of providing the starter, plus a little caviar knowledge, for a dinner party hosted by a client of ours. In truth, he had bought the “Caviar Tasting Experience” at a charity auction. Caspian Caviar was delighted to provide something a little different for a local charity auction and it turned out to be something of the star lot. It made rather a good price, so I had to be on top form, with my wit and charm being rolled out of cold storage for the evening.


The guests were a mix of caviar fans and caviar virgins. I gave them the spiel, and some ice cold Beluga vodka, which seemed to set the mood for the actual tasting. We started with our Sibirskye, which was well received, particularly by two of the ladies. We then moved to the Oscietra, before the rather distinct Caspian Gold, then up to the Beluga with the finale provided by a large tin of Caspian White. All the caviars were lauded. One of the expert guests stated that they were all better than any caviar that he had eaten recently. That was quite an accolade as he had just returned from Russia where it had been on tap every day!


And the result? Well, some would say that it was inconclusive but I would say that it proved my theory that when it comes to good caviar, the preference is entirely personal. In fact, very much like fine wine – there is no right and wrong, just what we prefer.


For the record, the two ladies that were initially taken by the Sibirskye stuck with it as their favourite. The third lady could not be parted from the Caspian Gold. Two of the gentlemen could not decide between the Oscietra and the Beluga, whilst the third loved the taste and the volume of the Caspian White. So there you are – what is your favourite?

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