farmed caviar

August Baerii Tasting

For a little while now, we have been planning to change our supply of Siberian Caviar. The posh name for the Siberian Sturgeon is Baerii and we sell it as Sibirskye, which is Russian for Siberian. Our current supply is very good and is very popular, but we do like to freshen things up occasionally so a new Baerri seemed a good idea. Baerri is the mainstay of the sturgeon farming industry as it matures relatively quickly and produces very good caviar. Recent years have seen an increase in the... Read More

February Caviar Tasting at Caspian Caviar

I have often been heard to remark how the over all quality of farmed caviar has improved over the last 5 or so years. Once upon a time, the quality of samples was a bit of a lottery. Recently, the samples have been consistently good, providing good competition across the range. However, some samples we received earlier this month were a throw back to earlier, simpler times, when would-be suppliers could be discounted with ease. The farm lay further east than where we normally source and was situated in a... Read More


Trumped: Iranian caviar

We are sometimes asked why we dont stock any caviar from Iran. It is a fair question as Iran does have a certain reputation in the world of caviar and we are called Caspian Caviar! The reason is two fold. Firstly is the concern over the quality of the farmed caviar from Iran. It is normally Beluga and its vendors always describe it as “the very best”, “best quality”, “best in the world” etc etc and charge accordingly. Sadly, the reality is normally rather different and the caviar is not... Read More



Firstly, lets consider why Beluga Caviar is so expensive. The reason is two fold: it is perceived to be the best caviar and it takes a very long time for Beluga sturgeon to mature. Is it the best? I guess that really comes down to personal preference, but the appearance and taste of really good Beluga is hard to beat – large grey eggs, with a glorious creamy flavour. Sadly, too many examples of Beluga caviar dont quite fit this description and are an over priced disappointment, even when they... Read More


5 Caviar Questions and Answers from Caspian Caviar

What does caviar taste like? On the face of it, this seems such a simple question, but it is really rather a tricky one to answer. The simple, if rather facetious, answer is “Like caviar”. The problem is that it really tastes like nothing else so it is very hard to describe. In our efforts to convey the taste, we in the trade often resort to using descriptions such as “buttery”, “creamy”, “with hints of the sea”, “whiffs of walnuts” etc etc. All may well be true to varying degrees,... Read More


Is all caviar farmed?

We still do get asked this question by customers, and the simple answer is “Yes”. Although many people still firmly associate caviar with Russia, Iran and the Caspian Sea, the reality today is very different. Some twenty years ago, the restrictions on fishing for wild sturgeon in the Caspian became looser. At much the same time, many of the countries around the Caspian were becoming more industrialised, particularly with the expansion of the oil and gas industry in the region. The subsequent over fishing, pollution and modification of rivers had... Read More