Caviar is often associated with Russia. Given the tragic events that are currently unfolding in Ukraine, I thought it sensible to set out our position regarding Russia.

We do not source any of our caviars from Russia or any state aligned with Russia. All of our caviars are sourced from farms in Europe. The farms are located in France, Italy and Bulgaria.

We have, until now, been selling two vodkas which are distilled in Russia: Beluga and Belenkaya. It is our understanding that the owners of these vodka brands have links to the Putin regime. Therefore, we have ceased selling these vodkas for the foreseeable future. We continue to sell Sapling and Chase vodka, both of which are distilled in the UK.

Like all in the civilised world, we are appalled at what the Putin regime is doing in the name of Russia. All our thoughts and prayers are with the heroic people of Ukraine.

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