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Whilst most of our orders whiz their way to our customers via an express “next day” courier delivery service, we do like to rise to the challenge of a particularly demanding delivery schedule. We have completed last minute dashes to private jets, found our way to yachts in the Med and even delivered to a vehicle in a lay by near Heathrow. However, I think that we have recently completed our best ever delivery. Our customer needed some caviar in a hurry as it was his wife’s birthday (not an... Read More



November offers from Caspian Caviar 10% OFF BELUGA AND SELECTED GIFTS Now that we are in the last week of November, we thought we would whizz out another quick offer to help you with your Christmas shopping. We have lopped 10% from our ever popular Beluga . This hybrid (Hus/Bae) Beluga is farmed in northern Italy and has been a customer favourite for some years. The large, dark grey eggs make it a delight on the eye, and the flavour is just as good. We have also put some of... Read More

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June sees two big events taking place, or one – depending on your opinion. First up is Fathers’ Day this coming Sunday, when we all have the chance to thank the down trodden and neglected Fathers for their selfless self sacrifice, both financially and emotionally, in their oft derided efforts to produce well rounded off spring. For them, we offer 10% off our ever popular House Selection as well as a range of House Selection gifts. Next up is Royal Ascot. So what better than 10% off our Royal Oscietra.... Read More


Late November Offers

10% OFF HOUSE SELECTION AND SELECTED GIFTS Here we go with another festive offer. Our House Selection caviar has been a firm customer favourite since we introduced it nearly 6 years ago. This great value caviar is now even better value with 10% off so be sure to buy lots! We have also lopped 10% off a selection of our gift sets, so do take a look here . All offers will run until Sunday 2nd December. If you are thinking of ordering some of our superb Special Reserve Beluga... Read More


Offers and Christmas News

10% OFF OUR AWARD WINNING SIBIRSKYE AND HAMPERS Siberian sturgeon are rather the mainstay of the caviar industry – they produce very good caviar in a relatively short time – only 7 or 8 years! We call ours Sibirskye and its dark eggs deliver a lovely front-of-mouth flavour. If you are yet to try it, now is a good opportunity as we have knocked off 10% and the offer will only run until the 25th November. We have also lopped 10% off all our hampers, so do get your Christmas... Read More

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Caviar Information

Caviar Caviar is simply the roe of sturgeon that is lightly salted and cured. Traditionally served on blinis topped with crème fraiche or sour cream, caviar is a wonderfully versatile food that can enhance and compliment a wide variety of dishes. Chopped egg and finely chopped onion are other usual accompaniments, but do try it on its own to really appreciate its flavour. You often see the Russian term “Malossol” being used to describe caviar. It translates to “little salt” referring to the traditional Caviar production process where only a... Read More


Fathers Day Newsletter

10% OFF OSCIETRA & VODKA GIFTS How often did you drag your Father away from the football in order to go and watch dressage, utilise his wallet as if it was your very own cash machine, expect a lift home in the middle of the night from some ghastly party or feign surprise when he grumbled about meeting bail? Well now it is time to say “Thanks, Dad” with a small gift that he is sure to enjoy. In order to celebrate his selfless sacrifice, we have knocked 10% off... Read More

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I’m Dreaming of a White Easter…

No, no – not more of that white muck that falls from the sky! We have had more than enough of that, thank you. I refer to our Caspian Caviar White , which is a remarkably good caviar at a crazy price, which I have just made even more extraordinary by knocking 10% off the price, but for this week only. Why? Only because I was fed up of making weak links to eggs at this time of year and the weather doom mongers kindly gave me another link. Please... Read More

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Mother’s Festival?? I know most people will be talking about Mother’s Day this week, which is all well and good, but it is not quite as exciting as what comes next – Cheltenham Festival. This neck of the woods comes alive with the excitment of hosting four days of great racing. While my Mother may make polite noises about her Gift Box and a bunch of daffs on Sunday morning, she can hardly lift her head from the racing pages and cant wait for the Festival to begin. So whether... Read More

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Easter Offer Newsletter

Happy Easter 15% Off Beluga for Easter Easter seems to have come along in a bit of a rush this year. We are only just getting back to normal following the Cheltenham Festival, and here we are entering the holiday season. So a quick offer on our Beluga – now with 15% off. On a recent trip up to town, I noticed exactly this type of caviar being retailed at 3 times our normal price, which was rather satisfying. Bloc de Foie Gras As reported last month, we now have... Read More