Whilst most of our orders whiz their way to our customers via an express “next day” courier delivery service, we do like to rise to the challenge of a particularly demanding delivery schedule.

We have completed last minute dashes to private jets, found our way to yachts in the Med and even delivered to a vehicle in a lay by near Heathrow. However, I think that we have recently completed our best ever delivery.

Our customer needed some caviar in a hurry as it was his wife’s birthday (not an uncommon scenario!) and nothing was in place. It was a Monday, so we could not use the normal courier service but a same day courier should do the job, or so we thought. The problem was that the customer had locked down in his country house, which was on the Isle of Wight. Same day couriers do not go off the mainland as they cant guarantee a service as they dont know all the ferries.

After plenty of thought, we hit on a plan. The customer would take the hover craft to the mainland, arriving at 1.27pm. We would deliver the caviar. The customer would return to the Isle of Wight on the 1.30pm, so a mere 3 minutes for delivery to take place.

Job done. Happy Birthday!

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