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Once upon a time, importing caviar from the EU was dead easy, provided that you had good suppliers. I could email our suppliers what I needed and it would arrive a couple of days later, or even the next day. Imports from outside the EU were rather harder, but we seldom bothered as there are Agents within the EU who did all the hard work. This happy situation dramatically changed on 1st January. The first problem was that nobody really knew what we were meant to do regarding imports. that... Read More

Caviar Samples: Quality is Key!

It sounds perfectly obvious, doesnt it? However, it is strange how many people think that they can provide a poor quality caviar sample, then persuade us to buy their rubbish product. This is a skill that is often demonstrated by those strange “Agents” trying to peddle “best quality Iranian caviar” who normally pretend that they have their own farm , always on the Caspian Sea, when it is obvious that they do not. The other day, one such individual turned up unannounced and delivered a sample of the aforementioned “best... Read More

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Whilst most of our orders whiz their way to our customers via an express “next day” courier delivery service, we do like to rise to the challenge of a particularly demanding delivery schedule. We have completed last minute dashes to private jets, found our way to yachts in the Med and even delivered to a vehicle in a lay by near Heathrow. However, I think that we have recently completed our best ever delivery. Our customer needed some caviar in a hurry as it was his wife’s birthday (not an... Read More



Did I tell you that Caspian Caviar won the Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2020 Best Luxury Caviar in the World award? From its website: What better way to make a special event even more exclusive, or to bring pure enjoyment to a weekday night than to top it all with some delicious caviar? The esteemed experts of Luxury Lifestyle Awards are sure that Caspian Caviar, this year’s winner in the category of The Best Luxury Caviar in the World, will satisfy the demands of any connoisseur. This is the brand that... Read More



Long term followers of this blog will know that, despite our extensive contacts here at Caspian Caviar, we do struggle to find pure Beluga (Huso Huso) caviar which meets our criteria of top quality at a sensible price. I thought that we had cracked it and the Special Reserve Beluga that we have been offering for the last couple of years is very good indeed and has been gaining an expanding fan club. Unfortunately, my supply line dried up with the onset of COVID. So since March we have been... Read More


Caviar in the “new normal”.

Some people keep referring to “when we return to normal”, but what will “normal” look like after this epidemic? I cant imagine that it will look much like 2019 as we can already see the impacts of the virus and we have no idea how long the virus will be with us. What might the caviar trade look like in 2021? Wish I knew! Perhaps, with little air travel and few cruise ships, there may be a glut of caviar on the market with prices falling dramatically as people try... Read More


20th BIRTHDAY FOR CASPIAN CAVIAR – 20% OFF FOR YOU This Friday, 1st May, is a big day for us as it is the 20th anniversary of the creation of Caspian Caviar. It was that long ago, following the collapse of the Soviet Union, that Simon returned from Azerbaijan with a heap of caviar from the Caspian Sea. Caspian Caviar was born – a pioneering internet-only caviar retailer. It seems normal now, but back then it was pretty cutting edge! Since then, of course, we have seen many changes in... Read More



November offers from Caspian Caviar 10% OFF BELUGA AND SELECTED GIFTS Now that we are in the last week of November, we thought we would whizz out another quick offer to help you with your Christmas shopping. We have lopped 10% from our ever popular Beluga . This hybrid (Hus/Bae) Beluga is farmed in northern Italy and has been a customer favourite for some years. The large, dark grey eggs make it a delight on the eye, and the flavour is just as good. We have also put some of... Read More


Caviar “Reviews”.

Despite the recommendations of a host of ecommerce experts, we have refused to include a caviar “Review” facility on our website. Apparently, they are all the rage but I am always struck how all reviews on websites are 5 star and I find it very irritating when they pop up just when I want to do something on the site. I find it even more irritating when I then get pestered for reviews post purchase. My irritations with web reviews are not the only reasons we will not entertain them.... Read More

Another October Caviar Tasting

Another week, another caviar tasting – woe is me! This time we started with a French Baerii, moving on to a couple of Belugas, before checking our Royal Oscietra to make sure it was still up to the mark. The Baerii caviar looked OK and tasted good, although some tasters found it a little soft. The general consensus was that it was good, but not as good as our current stock of Baerii. Then it was the turn of the Beluga caviar (Huso Huso), which was interesting as both samples... Read More