Long term followers of this blog will know that, despite our extensive contacts here at Caspian Caviar, we do struggle to find pure Beluga (Huso Huso) caviar which meets our criteria of top quality at a sensible price.

I thought that we had cracked it and the Special Reserve Beluga that we have been offering for the last couple of years is very good indeed and has been gaining an expanding fan club. Unfortunately, my supply line dried up with the onset of COVID. So since March we have been looking for a new supply. Last week, we had assembled four different Beluga caviars and carried out a socially distanced tasting.

We had two samples from Italy. The first looked like mush in oil and had the expected texture. The taste was OK but there was no chance that we could offer it. The second sample was better, but still not great. Then we tried one from Germany. It was not impressive on the eye, with small, dark eggs. The taste was worse, verging towards the inedible.

The last hailed from China and it certainly looked the best, with large, light grey eggs. It tasted pretty good too. The problem was the price coupled with its origin. Do I want to offer you moderate caviar from China at £5,000/kg? No.

So the search goes on……

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