Caviar from Moldova/Russia?!

As part of my mission to actually visit our suppliers and potential suppliers, I once traveled to Moldova, which I thought was rather adventurous but I did not realise how adventurous!

At Chisinau airport, I was met by my driver. I was rather surprised that he looked remarkably like a Russian. My geography of that neck of the woods is not great but I was pretty confident that I was a long way from Mother Russia. It turned out that my driver was Russian and it soon became clear why.

We traveled east to Tiraspol, where the caviar farm was located. In so doing, we encountered strange things like border check points and large tanks with big red stars on them. In Tiraspol, they regularly polish the statues of Stalin for it is the capital of Transnistria, which is a break away separatist republic only recognised by Russia. Sound familiar? I didnt buy any caviar.

Imagine my surprise when I was approached the other day by some English hero offering me “top quality caviar” from an indoor farm in Moldova. Thinking it unlikely that there could be two such farms in Moldova, I pressed him on where exactly the farm was. After some prevarication, he had to confess that it was in Tiraspol and was duly told what to do with his Russian caviar.

Cant be too careful!

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