Caviar Tasting

Here at Caspian Caviar, we are often approached by various charities asking for a donation in one form or another. Sadly, we cant support all the requests that we receive but we do try to support those charities close to our heart.

For local charities undertaking a raffle, we do like to offer an at-home caviar tasting, conducted by myself. This is a slightly unusual prize and can go very well. Whats more, I enjoy doing them. Most people incorporate the tasting as a “starter” for a dinner party so it is all rather fun.

The last one I did was no exception other than children were in attendance, which made it more fun. We tasted White, House, Sibirskye, Oscietra and Royal Beluga. As normal, they all went down really well and each type found a firm friend around the table. The children preferred the White. The men had a slight preference for the Royal Beluga, whilst the Sibirskye just edged it with the ladies.

All good fun and again demonstrates that there is no “right and wrong” in a good range of caviar, just comes down to personal preference.

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