As the sharp eyed of you will know, we have recently introduced a new Oscietra to our range on a trial basis. It comes from a very well regarded farm in France and we have stuck it under the Caspian Gold” label for know. It is softer and greyer than our normal Oscietra, which comes from Italy.

Initial feedback from customers had been very positive, but we thought it was time to put it to the test of a “live” taste-off with our Italian Oscietra. We assembled six friends/customers and cracked open 125g of each. After much “I just need to try more of that one”, there was a consensus: both were very good caviars.

When put to the vote, it was a three all draw. Some preferred the softer texture and more up-front taste of the French, whilst others preferred the firmer texture and more lingering taste of the Italian.

I would agree with the consensus – they are both delicious caviars.

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