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Caviar Samples: Quality is Key!

It sounds perfectly obvious, doesnt it? However, it is strange how many people think that they can provide a poor quality caviar sample, then persuade us to buy their rubbish product. This is a skill that is often demonstrated by those strange “Agents” trying to peddle “best quality Iranian caviar” who normally pretend that they have their own farm , always on the Caspian Sea, when it is obvious that they do not. The other day, one such individual turned up unannounced and delivered a sample of the aforementioned “best... Read More



It does sound a little weird, but it can work. I had not really considered using Truffle Oil in a salad dressing but now I am a convert. The other day, I was presented with a salad of rocket and pea shoots, with thinly sliced apple and courgettes, with a light blue cheese. It was dressed with a simple concoction of black truffle oil and balsamic vinegar. It was delicious. The key ingredient was the blue cheese, which combined with the truffle to give the whole salad a sensational flavour.... Read More

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White Russian

The heading should really be White v. Russian, but I rather liked the way that it suggested a cocktail. If you are wondering what I am talking about, the answer is, of course, sturgeon. The White Sturgeon is also known as Transmontanus and the Russian Sturgeon is better known as Oscietra. Its scientific name is tricky to spell, so I will stick with Oscietra. But why am I putting them up against each other? There is no contest: Oscietra is the most wonderful caviar, and Transmontanus is not. I have... Read More

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Easter Offer Newsletter

Happy Easter 15% Off Beluga for Easter Easter seems to have come along in a bit of a rush this year. We are only just getting back to normal following the Cheltenham Festival, and here we are entering the holiday season. So a quick offer on our Beluga – now with 15% off. On a recent trip up to town, I noticed exactly this type of caviar being retailed at 3 times our normal price, which was rather satisfying. Bloc de Foie Gras As reported last month, we now have... Read More