Caviar Samples: Quality is Key!

It sounds perfectly obvious, doesnt it? However, it is strange how many people think that they can provide a poor quality caviar sample, then persuade us to buy their rubbish product.

This is a skill that is often demonstrated by those strange “Agents” trying to peddle “best quality Iranian caviar” who normally pretend that they have their own farm , always on the Caspian Sea, when it is obvious that they do not.

The other day, one such individual turned up unannounced and delivered a sample of the aforementioned “best quality Iranian caviar”. It came in the form of a half full glass jar and appeared to be some oil with some sludge in it. We refused to even taste it and it hit the bin.

In contrast, our next samples came from a European wholesaler and came in the form of three perfectly presented 50g tins. There was a hybrid and an Oscietra from China. They both looked excellent, with a good egg definition and very good taste. However, we dont need anymore hybrid and the Oscietra was not quite as good as our existing example from Italy.

The third sample was pure Huso Huso Beluga caviar from Iran. It again looked extremely good and tasted the part. Will we buy it? I am sorely tempted but we have only just re-secured our supply of pre-COVID Beluga, which we are very impressed with and sales were building nicely. If anything does change with that supply, we will be after that Iranian. The joy of a good sample!

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