Caviar in the “new normal”.

Some people keep referring to “when we return to normal”, but what will “normal” look like after this epidemic? I cant imagine that it will look much like 2019 as we can already see the impacts of the virus and we have no idea how long the virus will be with us.

What might the caviar trade look like in 2021? Wish I knew! Perhaps, with little air travel and few cruise ships, there may be a glut of caviar on the market with prices falling dramatically as people try to shift it. On the other hand, some producers may no longer be with us and the better resourced may simply delay harvest, so supplies could tighten.

And what about demand? Will people have the money to purchase luxury goods such as caviar? I started in this business just after the financial crash, which did not seem ideal timing. However, unless things are really desperate, people do like to splash out occasionally to spread a little happiness. With possibly restricted travel, entertainment and events, there may be fewer opportunities for enjoyable spend so hopefully caviar will still feature.

I am no genius when it comes to forecasting what people will buy, so we will just have to wait and see, and ride out whatever comes our way. With low overheads and little reliance on the leisure sector, Caspian Caviar should be well placed to continue serving our customers.

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