Caspian Gold Oscietra


Those of you with good memories may recall my newsletter from May, in which I cleared a small amount of sensational Oscietra after we had been sent the wrong stock. (I know that those who took advantage of the opportunity have not forgotten it!) Well, we have, at last, received the correct caviar, which I would very much like you to try. It is the little brother of what we had before. We think it is very good indeed and it retails at a sixth of the price!

This caviar comes from a very old, outdoor farm in France, which has produced some of the very best Siberian caviar for many years. It has only just begun to produce Oscietra caviar, having sourced the fish from Caspian Sea stock and reared them on the farm for over 10 years. Now they are mature and the caviar is produced with the same level of meticulous detail as the Siberian.

The caviar is light in colour, softer than our ever popular Royal Oscietra and Oscietra, but with a wonderful creamy taste. It is only under the Gold label until we discover if you would like us to keep it in the range. Initial feedback would indicate that this is very likely: “…it is excellent.” “….really superb.” “…lovely creamy taste.”

Caspian Gold Oscietra at 10% off. Go on, give it a go and let us know what you think of it.


Angus and the Team at Caspian Caviar

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