It is always nice to begin the month with a tasting session. We had two samples to have a go at, and I also fancied putting in some of our Royal Oscietra just to gain people’s reaction. I do like to continually test our range to make sure it is as good as it can be.

First up, was some Bester Caviar. “Bester?” I hear you say, “What on earth is that?”. It is, in fact, a fairly common hybrid of Huso Huso x Ruthenus (Sterlet). I say fairly common because it was once seen as the future, but has not really caught on.

We had two initial problems with this sample. Firstly, it came in a 10g tin, which is not a good way to showcase caviar or impress potential buyers. The second was possibly related: it had rather escaped our attention and we could not recall who had sent it or when it had arrived!

On opening, the sample looked more like salad dressing than caviar: some black stuff in the middle of a pool of oil. We did not dare taste it. So we moved swiftly to sample No. 2, a Baerii from Eastern Europe. The eggs were small and dark and rather on the soft side, but with a very nice flavour. It was rather reminiscent of Sevruga. When we change our Baerii it will be in the frame.

Then we opened the Royal Oscietra. Wow! Royal indeed. Large eggs, light in colour, verging yellowy/greeny, it was stunning to look at and tasted fantastic. Made us very happy to have it in the range.

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