Another October Caviar Tasting

Another week, another caviar tasting – woe is me!

This time we started with a French Baerii, moving on to a couple of Belugas, before checking our Royal Oscietra to make sure it was still up to the mark.

The Baerii caviar looked OK and tasted good, although some tasters found it a little soft. The general consensus was that it was good, but not as good as our current stock of Baerii.

Then it was the turn of the Beluga caviar (Huso Huso), which was interesting as both samples were from the same farm in Eastern Europe but 2 different batches. The first was very pleasing on the eye – large, well defined, grey eggs. It felt good in the mouth and tasted good. The second was not so easy on the eye, with smaller and darker eggs. It was also a bit oily. Although it tasted great, the over all effect was under whelming. The first batch will soon be with us.

Still hungry, we tried the Royal Oscietra. It was delicious as always.

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