August Baerii Tasting

For a little while now, we have been planning to change our supply of Siberian Caviar. The posh name for the Siberian Sturgeon is Baerii and we sell it as Sibirskye, which is Russian for Siberian. Our current supply is very good and is very popular, but we do like to freshen things up occasionally so a new Baerri seemed a good idea.

Baerri is the mainstay of the sturgeon farming industry as it matures relatively quickly and produces very good caviar. Recent years have seen an increase in the overall quality of farmed caviar, and this is evident in Baerii production. Where once Baerii caviar was reliably moderate with the odd exception, most Baerii caviars are now very good and some are exceptional.

We were sampling five different Baeriis from farms across Europe. We began with three that were reasonably priced. They came from France, Italy and Germany. They were all dark in colour and had good egg size. They were all very good and it was hard to decide which we preferred. Eventually we plumped for the French Baerii and it will be added to our range very soon.

We then moved on to two premium Baeriis, both from France. They were lighter in colour, with one being reminiscent of Oscietra and the other verging towards the grey of Beluga! The eggs were large and they were both exceptional on the palate. We loved them both and really struggled to pick a winner, but we eventually picked a favourite. The only trouble is how to fit it into our range, but I am sure that we will find a way because our cutomers really need to have the opportunity to taste Baerii this good.

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