Brexit Caviar Crisis?

Despite all the Brexit talk, no one in the press seems to have covered the important issue of what will happen to caviar supplies come April 2019.

At present, importing caviar from within the EU could not be easier. We place an order with the producer and they send it to us – no problem at all. Importing caviar from outside the EU is not so easy. We need to obtain a CITES import licence which costs £70 and can take up to 6 weeks. The supplier needs to supply the correct Food Safety certification and then we need to employ an agent to get the caviar through customs.

Under Mrs May’s deal, nothing will change, probably for ever, from what we do now. If we leave without a deal, it is very likely that the latter scenario will apply for all our imports. This will make life difficult, but not impossible for those of us importing sufficient amounts of caviar.

It might not be as straight forward as now, but we will adapt and get used to the new regime. Rest assured, we will continue to deliver your caviar.

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