Caviar “Reviews”.

Despite the recommendations of a host of ecommerce experts, we have refused to include a caviar “Review” facility on our website. Apparently, they are all the rage but I am always struck how all reviews on websites are 5 star and I find it very irritating when they pop up just when I want to do something on the site. I find it even more irritating when I then get pestered for reviews post purchase.

My irritations with web reviews are not the only reasons we will not entertain them. I believe that our customers have better things to do than write reviews. I am also very dubious of the origins and truthfulness of many reviews. “The best caviar ever.” “The Beluga caviar was fantastic.” “I loved the Oscietra caviar” etc etc all sound rather dubious.

To support my theories, look no further than our reviews on Google. Caspian Caviar has been on Google for 20 years. We have amassed four reviews. One seems to be for some mapping service and one for a taxi service, so not exactly relevant!

We did get a caviar review recently. Unfortunately it is completely false and malicious, no doubt posted by one of our more dubious competitors. The most recent review of Caspian Caviar is also fake – it was posted by myself in response to the malicious review.

I rest my case.

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