As I have often said, I am not that keen on caviar derived from Transmontanus, or White Sturgeon as they are more commonly known. These fish are not white, but their flesh is making them prized for their meat, with the caviar being a bit of a side show. I have tasted more bad than good, although I do very much like what we sell as Caspian Caviar White Caviar.

Thus I was intrigued when a large producer offered to send three samples of different grades of transmontanus. Would I be impressed?

The tasting started well. We began with the bottom-of-the-range offering. It looked good, with small dark grey eggs. The texture was good as was the taste. We were impressed. The next offering looked fantastic – large grey/brown eggs. It had a good texture and a lovely, creamy subtle flavour. We were again impressed, but then the tasting went down hill.

The last sample was rather disappointing on the eye – small dark eggs. The taste was best described as “disgusting”! It was reminded one of muddy pond weed, but with a very unpleasant lingering sourness. None of us could eat it.

It did not inspire confidence in the producer. We will be sticking with our current supplier of Caspian Caviar White.

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