Second August Caviar Tasting

This has been a busy month for tasting, with several producers sending samples in the hope of being selected for our range. After our last tasting of several Siberian (Baerii) caviars, this time we looked at the more unusual. We tried a Sevruga and a Golden Sterlet, both from farms in Italy. To add a little context we also included some of our Royal Oscietra.

I have often said that sourcing good Sevruga is a tricky job, and I had high hopes for this example. It looked the part – small, grey eggs which were not mushy. The initial taste impression was good on the front of the palate, but then a rather unpleasant bitterness crept in along the sides of the tongue. Sadly, that became the over riding impression and the Sevruga did not make the selection grade.

I am not keen on yellow caviar, which is derived from albino sturgeon (unlike Caspian Gold which is graded caviar with golden hues from normal sturgeon stock), so was not looking forward to the Golden Sterlet. It is either produced as a novelty caviar or so some retailers can try and pretend it is the famed Almas caviar of old and charge silly prices, which we certainly would not. This caviar looked awful, felt awful and tasted awful. Enough said.

It was good to finish with our Royal Oscietra, which was a s good as ever and loved by our tasters.

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