Spring Bank Holiday Offer


With the Spring Bank Holiday on the horizon, it seems a good time to spread a little offer over all our Beluga. Our Royal Beluga is a long term customer favourite. It is derived from hybrid sturgeon (Huso Huso crossed with Siberian) and hence offers a great caviar at a sensible price. Then our Special Reserve Beluga is the real McCoy – pure Huso Huso with the largest eggs and creamy flavour for those special occasions, or just some indulgence!

Offer runs until the Bank Holiday.


My apologies to those of you who have been wondering why we have taken so long to restock with Pike, Char and Keta. It turns out that fish scarcity is not just reserved for salmon as Russian Pike are also in short supply. Our supplier struggled to get Pike Roe from his Russian supplier, with it being promised “tomorrow” and so he kept holding back our total order in anticipation. “Tomorrow” has finally arrived and our order is on its way. We should be relisting these roes later this week.

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