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Offers and Christmas News

10% OFF OUR AWARD WINNING SIBIRSKYE AND HAMPERS Siberian sturgeon are rather the mainstay of the caviar industry – they produce very good caviar in a relatively short time – only 7 or 8 years! We call ours Sibirskye and its dark eggs deliver a lovely front-of-mouth flavour. If you are yet to try it, now is a good opportunity as we have knocked off 10% and the offer will only run until the 25th November. We have also lopped 10% off all our hampers, so do get your Christmas... Read More

Launch of Special Reserve Beluga

SPECIAL RESERVE BELUGA LAUNCH OFFER – 10% OFF It is quite a while since we listed a pure Beluga (Huso Huso) caviar and I have often written about the difficulty of finding really good Beluga (Huso Huso) caviar at a sensible price. This autumn, we have managed to source some really excellent Beluga (Huso Huso) and we have secured a shipment at a cracking price. As we are really keen that you try it, we have even given it a special launch price, 10% below its normal price. This will... Read More


October Caviar Tasting

Earlier this month, I had the pleasure of providing the starter, plus a little caviar knowledge, for a dinner party hosted by a client of ours. In truth, he had bought the “Caviar Tasting Experience” at a charity auction. Caspian Caviar was delighted to provide something a little different for a local charity auction and it turned out to be something of the star lot. It made rather a good price, so I had to be on top form, with my wit and charm being rolled out of cold storage... Read More


Autumn Offers from Caspian Caviar

10% OFF HOUSE SELECTION As the nights draw in and the dark of autumn begins to envelop us, here is a little offer to keep that summer warmth aglow – 10% off our ever popular House Selection. The small dark eggs are packed with flavour and it has been a customer favourite since we introduced it about 5 years ago. To make things even better, we have added various of our House Gifts to the offer. The offer will run until the 1st October. NEW CHOCOLATES We have changed our... Read More


Our main sample this month was a Sevruga caviar all the way from Iran. It was good but not great. The small grey eggs certainly looked the part and it was soft but the taste was not overwhelming. We felt that it was not as good as the Italian Sevruga caviar that we normally stock over the Christmas period and the cost is considerably greater, so we plan to continue with our normal supply. It did serve to remind us of the impending US sanctions on Iran. “What have US... Read More

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Caviar Information

Caviar Caviar is simply the roe of sturgeon that is lightly salted and cured. Traditionally served on blinis topped with crème fraiche or sour cream, caviar is a wonderfully versatile food that can enhance and compliment a wide variety of dishes. Chopped egg and finely chopped onion are other usual accompaniments, but do try it on its own to really appreciate its flavour. You often see the Russian term “Malossol” being used to describe caviar. It translates to “little salt” referring to the traditional Caviar production process where only a... Read More


Glorious Caviar Offers for August

10% OFF ROYAL BELUGA , CASPIAN GOLD & KETA The heather is in bloom already and soon the Chosen Ones will be heading north on the great August migration. To help your August to be Glorious, we have put our Beluga on offer – what could be better in the Lodge, or what could make a better “Thank you”? In case you havent tried it, we have also put our Caspian Gold on offer, for no better reason than it begins with G:- Glorious Gold. It is from a hybrid... Read More


July Caviar Tasting No3

Last, but not least, this month on the tasting front was a Beluga caviar from Bulgaria. It was a pure Beluga caviar – from a Huso Huso sturgeon. I have written before about the difficulty of getting a good enough Beluga (Huso Huso) caviar at a sensible price. It is not commonly farmed as it takes about 18 years to mature. Even then, great caviar is not guaranteed. Much of what we see is of poor quality and/or offered at a silly price. So was this another such example? First... Read More


July Caviar Tasting No2

The second caviar that we have tasted this month was a Baerii caviar from France. Baerii is better known as Siberian Sturgeon and it is still found in the rivers of Siberia. However, it has become the staple of the caviar farming industry as it matures relatively quickly and can produce very good caviar. Typically, it is a dark caviar with medium sized eggs and a good flavour at the front of the mouth, but with little lingering flavour at the back. Some examples can be rather bland. How was... Read More


Offers for Russia

10% OFF SIBIRSKYE & OSCIETRA CAVIAR Its coming home, its coming home, Sibirskye’s coming home! I dont suppose that you thought for one moment that I could pass up the opportunity to link that rather exciting kick about in Russia with an offer for some caviar. Our Sibirskye would seem the ideal candidate as it is produced by the Siberian Sturgeon. “Sibirskye” is Russian for Siberian – cant get much more Russian than that! But then again, Oscietra caviar comes from the Gueldenstaedtii sturgeon. As most people cant pronounce it,... Read More