Caspian Caviar


July Caviar Tasting No2

The second caviar that we have tasted this month was a Baerii caviar from France. Baerii is better known as Siberian Sturgeon and it is still found in the rivers of Siberia. However, it has become the staple of the caviar farming industry as it matures relatively quickly and can produce very good caviar. Typically, it is a dark caviar with medium sized eggs and a good flavour at the front of the mouth, but with little lingering flavour at the back. Some examples can be rather bland. How was... Read More


Offers for Russia

10% OFF SIBIRSKYE & OSCIETRA CAVIAR Its coming home, its coming home, Sibirskye’s coming home! I dont suppose that you thought for one moment that I could pass up the opportunity to link that rather exciting kick about in Russia with an offer for some caviar. Our Sibirskye would seem the ideal candidate as it is produced by the Siberian Sturgeon. “Sibirskye” is Russian for Siberian – cant get much more Russian than that! But then again, Oscietra caviar comes from the Gueldenstaedtii sturgeon. As most people cant pronounce it,... Read More

July Caviar Tasting No1

Tough job I know, but people do keep sending us caviar to taste. We welcome it as we do like to see what is on the market to ensure that our range is up to scratch. If we come across a caviar which is better than we stock and is offered at a sensible price, then we will change supplier just so long as they dont demand a minimum order of 100kg! So first up this month was a Sevruga caviar from Iran. As I keep saying, good Servruga is... Read More


Fathers Day Newsletter

10% OFF OSCIETRA & VODKA GIFTS How often did you drag your Father away from the football in order to go and watch dressage, utilise his wallet as if it was your very own cash machine, expect a lift home in the middle of the night from some ghastly party or feign surprise when he grumbled about meeting bail? Well now it is time to say “Thanks, Dad” with a small gift that he is sure to enjoy. In order to celebrate his selfless sacrifice, we have knocked 10% off... Read More


Royal Offers for the Royal Wedding

15% OFF ROYAL BELUGA AND ROYAL OSCIETRA It is not every weekend that there is a Royal wedding, so what a great excuse to lop a grand 15% off the price of our two Royal caviars – Beluga and Oscietra. Our hybrid Beluga is farmed in Italy and it has been our best selling caviar in 2018. Its large dark eggs are packed with flavour and its not hard to taste why it is currently our customers favourite. The Royal Oscietra is the pick of the Oscietra crop, offering larger... Read More


Trumped: Iranian caviar

We are sometimes asked why we dont stock any caviar from Iran. It is a fair question as Iran does have a certain reputation in the world of caviar and we are called Caspian Caviar! The reason is two fold. Firstly is the concern over the quality of the farmed caviar from Iran. It is normally Beluga and its vendors always describe it as “the very best”, “best quality”, “best in the world” etc etc and charge accordingly. Sadly, the reality is normally rather different and the caviar is not... Read More


Offers for May Day.

10% OFF HOUSE SELECTION AND HOUSE GIFTS Hip hip hoorah! That ghastly April is just about done and dusted and we can now look forward to May, one of my favourite months of the year. Hopefully we can enjoy some warm sunshine with the Mayflower illuminating the hedgerows and Mayflies dancing across our waters. To celebrate the start of the month, and the early May Bank Holiday, we have taken 10% off our ever popular House Selection and associated gift sets. Perfect picnic for Badminton! We are particularly proud of... Read More


Caspian Caviar and Plastic Use

The issue of plastic usage and its disposal is all the rage at the moment, and quite right too. While the Blue Planet provided a loud wake up call to our politicians and the general public, you only have to take a short drive at this time of year to see the problem much closer to home. Our hedgerows, now denuded of vegetation, play host to a variety of plastic litter. So what are we doing about it at Caspian Caviar? In truth, we have never been very keen on... Read More

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I’m Dreaming of a White Easter…

No, no – not more of that white muck that falls from the sky! We have had more than enough of that, thank you. I refer to our Caspian Caviar White , which is a remarkably good caviar at a crazy price, which I have just made even more extraordinary by knocking 10% off the price, but for this week only. Why? Only because I was fed up of making weak links to eggs at this time of year and the weather doom mongers kindly gave me another link. Please... Read More



Firstly, lets consider why Beluga Caviar is so expensive. The reason is two fold: it is perceived to be the best caviar and it takes a very long time for Beluga sturgeon to mature. Is it the best? I guess that really comes down to personal preference, but the appearance and taste of really good Beluga is hard to beat – large grey eggs, with a glorious creamy flavour. Sadly, too many examples of Beluga caviar dont quite fit this description and are an over priced disappointment, even when they... Read More